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Business types recently secured by CIUA

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Combined Insurance can cover a wide range of business types, some of those risks recently secured by CIUA would include...

Light Manufacturing


Micro-Breweries, Agricultural Equipment, Catering Equipment, Clothing, Confectionary, Electronic Equipment, Metal, Furniture, Metal Machine Tools, Monumental Masons, Nuts & Bolts, Office Equipment, Printers, Sand & Gravel Merchants.




Amusement Arcades, Bingo Halls, Bowling Alleys, Gyms, Health & Fitness Clubs, Snooker Halls, Theatres.




Bakeries, Florists, Garden Centres, Grocery Shops, Shoe Shops.


Wholesale & Distribution


Catering Goods, China & Glass, Confectionary, Sporting Equipment Suppliers & Wholesalers, Warehouse Risks.

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