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Light Manufacturing

Micro-Breweries, Agricultural Equipment, Catering Equipment, Clothing, Confectionary, Electronic Equipment, Metal, Furniture, Metal Machine Tools, Monumental Masons, Nuts and Bolts, Office Equipment, Printers, Sand and Gravel Merchants.


Amusement Arcades, Bingo Halls, Bowling Alleys, Gyms, Health and Fitness Clubs, Snooker Halls, Theatres.

Wholesale & Distribution

Catering Goods, China and Glass, Confectionary, Sporting Equipment Suppliers and Wholesalers, Warehouse Risks.


Machine Tooling, Sheet Metal Work, Tool and Die Making, Craftsman, Lathing and Pillar Drilling, Machine repair, Plastic Moulding.

'The Insurance Underwriting Agencies’ are proud to launch our new Commercial Combined insurance division (CIUA - Commercial Insurance Underwriting Agencies).

Commercial Combined Insurance For:

Leisure & Fitness
Light Manufacturing
Wholesale & Distribution

Business types recently secured by CIUA

Combined Insurance can cover a wide range of business types, some of those risks recently secured by CIUA would include...

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Risk Management Facility

As part of the superior offering from CIUA, all policyholders can gain access to our bespoke Health & Safety and Risk Management portal providing advise, assistance and material for download.  

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Current HIUA Partner Brokers

All partner brokers with an existing HIUA terms of business agreement in place have immediate access to all CIUA products, any new agency enquiries should contact our agency team on 01539 487111. 

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For Hospitality or Property Owners Insurance visit:

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